Frequently Asked Questions

What is your best seller?

Our current best seller is the Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips (Original) due to its strong truffle aroma. (Subjective to personal preference)

Where are your truffles from?

Our black summer truffles are harvested and imported from Spoleto, Italy to Singapore. 

Why do you use ridge-cut potato chips?

We are using ridge-cut potato chips because it adds more volume, texture,crunchiness, and coats better than other types of cutting.

Are your products halal-certified?

Currently, only the following products are halal-certified:
· Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips (Original)
· Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips (Parmesan Cheese)

These products contain no pork, no lard but not yet halal-certified:
· Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips (Honey Dijon)