Welcome to Aroma Truffle!


Founded in 2018, Aroma Truffle has a reputation for being responsible for the World's Strongest Truffle Chips. Whilst attending a fine food masterclass in France, co-founder Johnathan worked with a variety of truffles and discovered an inimitable truffle recipe. This sparked off the idea to create the first batch of black summer truffle chips, with an aroma that is so strong and fragrant, it is guaranteed to blow your senses away.

"We’re so obsessed about the products that we produce. We research every ingredient we source around the world, we probe each farm supplier hard, and decline the mediocre. We know you deserve the best!" - Johnathan, Executive Chef (Champion in Star Award Singapore 2015, and Food & Hotel Asia 2016).



We are dedicated to creating and bringing you the most seductive truffle snacks that are made from the finest ingredients. Aroma Truffle is made by passionate people for passionate people, who have the taste for sophistication. We strive to produce the best tasting and highest quality gourmet snacks in every bag. Our processes are ISO 22000, SFA and Halal-certified, and we are committed to maintaining high standards of craftiness and quality in every batch produced.



Meet the diamonds of the culinary world... truffles! Notoriously difficult to grow, it is one of the rarest and most sought after delicacies. This demand has placed the truffle as one of the most expensive ingredients in the world. It is wildly known to be a luxurious treat, but few are willing to splurge on it.

Now… imagine pairing it with your favorite potato slice – C’est délicieux! 



Each of our precious truffles are carefully selected and harvested from the forests of Spoleto, an ancient city in the Italian province. The lifespan of each piece averages between 4 – 7 days, therefore they have to be air-flown directly to Singapore immediately after they are farmed.

Once in our kitchen, the magic happens, and through various processes and secret infusion techniques comes a delectable bag of snacks made just for you.